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Running in a container

For convenience we have published a container image that contains Wasm Workers Server. It is available at Any container that runs it will get the wws binary, running and:

  • Looking for workers in the /app folder
  • Listening on inside the container

The image is built from scratch. It only includes the wws binary. The container supports multiple architectures: linux/amd64 and linux/arm64 platforms. The image size is just 27MiB.

Running a local container

A typical one-liner to run a local container for development purposes would look like:

docker run -v /path/to/workers/on/host:/app -p 8080:8080 \

Other usages

Wasm Workers Server is stateless as far as the loaded handers are stateless (i.e. when they don't use the Key / Value store). This makes the image very useful if you want to setup your own auto-scaling deployment.