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Wasm Workers runs almost anywhere. Thanks to its portability, downloading and running it anywhere is quite simple.

First, you need to install wws:

curl -fsSL | bash

Now, you can check the different commands and options:

$ wws --help
A WebAssembly framework to develop and run serverless applications anywhere


runtimes Manage the language runtimes in your project
help Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)

[PATH] Location of the wws project. It could be a local folder or a git repository [default: .]

--host <HOSTNAME> Hostname to initiate the server [default:]
-p, --port <PORT> Port to initiate the server [default: 8080]
--prefix <PREFIX> Prepend the given path to all URLs [default: ]
--ignore <IGNORE> Patterns to ignore when looking for worker files [default: ]
-i, --install-runtimes Install missing runtimes automatically
--git-commit <GIT_COMMIT> Set the commit when using a git repository as project
--git-tag <GIT_TAG> Set the tag when using a git repository as project
--git-branch <GIT_BRANCH> Set the branch when using a git repository as project
--git-folder <GIT_FOLDER> Change the directory when using a git repository as project
--enable-panel Enable the administration panel
-h, --help Print help
-V, --version Print version

You can pass a remote location, like a git repository, to wws. To try it, let's run one of the js-basic example from the Wasm Workers Server repository:

wws -i --git-folder "examples/js-basic"

It automatically clones the git repository and loads the workers from the given folder (examples/js-basic):

⚙️  Preparing the project from:
⚙️ Loading routes from: /tmp/dd21e3cd6d0f515301e1c7070e562af06074d9e8d10566179f97dba47e74cec9/examples/js-basic
⏳ Loading workers from 1 routes...
✅ Workers loaded in 108.82825ms.
=> /tmp/dd21e3cd6d0f515301e1c7070e562af06074d9e8d10566179f97dba47e74cec9/examples/js-basic/index.js
🚀 Start serving requests at

Now, open your browser at

Next Steps

Now you got the taste of Wasm Workers, it's time to create your first worker:

And if you are curious, here you have a guide about how it works.