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Key / Value Store

Wasm Workers Server integrates an in-memory Key / Value (K/V) store. This K/V store allows the server to read and write data from the different workers.

For now, the data is only stored in memory and cleaned up on every restart.

How it works?

The K/V store follows the same snapshot approach as Requests / Responses data. On every request, the worker receives a snapshot of the K/V status for the configured namespace.

The worker may access all the data and perform changes over it. Then, a new K/V status is returned and the internal status is overriden.

Add a K/V to a worker


A known limitation of the snapshot approach is the data override when concurrent requests are writing to the same namespace. In the future, we will implement a consolidation mechanism or a different store type for applications that require to write intensively.

Language compatibility

LanguageK/V store